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Bot activity at websites is skewing marketing analytics and costing businesses millions annually, according to a study by bot detection and mitigation firm Netacea. The company maintained in its report that the skewed analytics problem is as costly to businesses as click fraud, which costs businesses US$42 billion annually. [More...]

Nearly 400 top-level corporate executives at software and device firms responded to a Revenera survey revealing the growing importance of SaaS and subscription models for the software industry. The study shows that today's dominant software monetization models are subscription and perpetual licensing. [More...]

Here are some of the latest developments in the world of open source software: A German state is switching 25,000 Windows PCs to Linux; updates to several Linux distros; The Linux Foundation creates the Quantum Intermediate Representation Alliance and new courses for Linux education. [More...]

The Freshstack product suite combines Freshworks' products to unify startups' customer support, sales, and marketing teams in an easier-to-use package. The new scalable CRM bundle helps startups personalize marketing to generate pipelines, deliver omnichannel service, and grow faster at a price point that is easy to deploy and manage. [More...]